Bulk redirection with Nginx


In this post, I am going to talk about how you can setup a redirects on a server for many individual paths. It uses the hash map

Creating files

Create a file called redirects-map.conf, each line of the file will represents a redirect rule. The format of line is:

<old_location> <new_url>; 

old_location can be specified in both regex or plan simple path.

The regex version looks likes this:

~^/showcase/(.*)?$   /projects/; 

The plan simple location redirect will look like:

/contact-success/ /contact; 

So your redirects-map.conf file should look like:

/contact-success/ /contact; ~^/showcase/(.*)?$   /projects/; 

Setting up nginx

  1. Upload the redirects-map.conf to your server at /etc/nginx
  2. Add the following at the top of your nginx virtualhost file, which imports the file and creates a hash map:
map $  uri $  redirected_url {     default "none";     include /etc/nginx/redirects-map.conf; } 

Then in the server block, write the following rule:

# pre-defined redirects if ($  redirected_url != "none") {     rewrite ^ $  redirected_url permanent; } 

Now your virtualhost conf file should look like:

map $  uri $  redirected_url {     default "none";     include /etc/nginx/redirects-map.conf; }  server {     listen        443 ssl http2;     server_name   example.org;      # pre-defined redirects     if ($  redirected_url != "none") {         rewrite ^ $  redirected_url permanent;     }      # rest of the rules  } 

Note: Nginx has a limit on how big the redirects-map.conf can be, which is controlled via map_hash_bucket_size variable. If you get the following error, [emerg]: could not build the map_hash, you should increase the map_hash_bucket_size to account for the filesize. Say your redirects-map.conf is 30Kb, you set the map_hash_bucket_size variable in the http block of nginx.conf to 30720;

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