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Which Eclipse model is required?

Newest Eclipse model is really helpful, which will be downloaded from right here:

How you can open the venture in Eclipse?

      1. Open Eclipse > Import > Join Dots > “Current Join Dots Code into Worksplace” > Subsequent
      2. Root Listing > Click on Browse button & browse the venture folder > Choose initiatives Join Dots and google-play-services_lib
      3. Then go to ‘Undertaking’ Menu > Clear.. > Clear All Initiatives > OK
      4. Await couple of minutes till all errors are gone.

How you can change the package deal title?

You possibly can change it simply from Eclipse. Listed here are the steps:

      • Proper Cilck ‘Join Dots ‘ venture from Package deal Explorer > Android Instruments > Rename Utility Package deal > End.
      • Refactroing dailog current and click on End
      • Package deal Title Modified in AndroidMainfest.xml however not in Utility Package deal hierarchy so choose Package deal title Proper Click on > Go to Refactor > Rename >Enter Package deal Title > End

How you can change app title?

      1. Open Eclipse >Join Dots> res > values > strings.xml
      2. Choose ‘strings.xml’ tab subsequent to ‘Sources’ tab
      3. Enter your app title inside “app_name” string tag:
        <string title="app_name">Join Dots</string>
      4. if you need change Undertaking title additionally then >Proper Cilck ‘Join Dots’ venture from Package deal Explorer >Refactor > Rename >Enter Utility Title > End

This can change each title contained in the app & app icon title.

How you can Add Photographs and make json File ?

      1. Open Eclipse >Join Dots> asset > duties.json > open this file
      2. Now we make photos co-ordinate in photoshop and put in json file
      3. To start with you place photos in photoshop
      4. Now you may draw all level you wish to in photos
      5. Now you may contemplate level x-y co-ordinate and put in json file see photos
      6. All Iamges Sound Put in uncooked(choose venture>res>uncooked open this file and paste all sounds) File

How you can change AdMob writer id?

        1. Open Eclipse > Join Dots > res > values > strings.xml
        2. Choose ‘strings.xml’ tab subsequent to ‘Sources’ tab
        3. Enter your AdMob writer id inside “admob_publisher_id” string tag:
          <string title="admob_publisher_id">Your AdMob ID Right here</string>

How you can change StartApp Advert Id/Developer Id?

        1. Open Eclipse >Join Dots> res > values > strings.xml
        2. Choose ‘strings.xml’ tab subsequent to ‘Sources’ tab
        3. Enter your StartApp Utility id inside “startapp_app_id” string tag:
          <string title="startapp_app_id">Your StartApp Utility ID</string>
        4. Enter your StartApp Developer id inside “startapp_dev_id” string tag:
          <string title="startapp_dev_id">Your StartApp Developer ID</string>
        5. Open AndroidMainfiest.xml > Change in Startapp Code

How you can change ‘About’ part?

        1. Go to: Eclipse > Join Dots > belongings >index.html
        2. Proper click on index.html > Open With > Textual content Editor
        3. It should open right into a textual content editor inside Eclipse, make your crucial adjustments & save

How you can change ‘Splash Display,Utility Icon and Extra App Hyperlink’ ?

How To Change Utility Icon
        1. Open Eclipse >Join Dots > res > drawable-mdpi > app_icon.png
        2. Rename your icon with app_icon.png and paste in drawable-mdpi folder
        3. Rename your splash display screen picture title and paste in drawable-mdpi folder

How To Change Extra App Hyperlink

        1. Open Eclipse > Information Utility > res >values > strings.xml
        2. Enter your Play Retailer Apps Hyperlink inside “play_more_apps” string tag:
          <string title="play_more_apps">Your Utility Url</string>


You’ll find all picture into /res/drawable-mdpi/,/res/drawable-hdpi/,/res/drawable-xhdpi/ folder. Simply create your personal graphics and exchange these recordsdata. Create seperate graphics of various machine display screen sizes & place them into different drawble folders (drawable-hdpi & drawable-xhdpi) with similar file title discovered at drawable-mdpi folder. Examine right here for extra info: Devices and Displays & Supporting Multiple Screens.

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