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Questions such as how to play an instagram account among Instagram users, how to hack an instagram, hack instagram account , etc. As a matter of fact, it is not as difficult as it is known, we compiled the account playback process in detail for you as a team of howist.

Note: the liability of the operation described herein is entirely at your own risk.

Methods Used In Instagram Accounting

You can protect yourself from such malicious people by learning how the methods used for Instagram account playback take. Playing an account in Instagram is not a simple process. If you don’t have any knowledge of computers and codes, it’s hard to steal a password. Programs such as Instagram account playback mobile applications, password cracking program are dangerous. Never use such applications.

Way one: you can try to steal a person’s account, such as a telephone number, birth date, etc. This is how accounts of people who do not value the security of their passwords are played. Use both letters and numbers to make your passwords more difficult.

The second way: usually the internet cafes and schools will cause your account to be stolen on their computers. Keylogger and trojan is the method. This method sends this information to the owner of the program, an application that registers every information written through the keyboard. So your password is stolen. If you don’t have a virus protection program, you can easily run your account.

Third Way: play the password with fake Instagram account playback applications. Applications such as incrementing followers, seeing people who look after their account, and seeing Instagram hidden accounts are being prepared to steal your passwords.

Fourth way: the so-called social engineering. They can steal another acquaintance’s account and ask for your password by talking to you on behalf of them.

Way Five: your password goes to the owner of the site at the time you enter your account information on pages such as fake pages, tracker Kama and tracker auction sites, unlimited unlowl sites. Do not provide Instagram account information to such sites.

Lets see our way how to hack instagram account

Hack instagram Account

Re-engineered to work without TOR
Usage: python instagram.py <username> <wordlist> -m <mode>


  • Python v2.x | v3.x
  • Kali Linux 2.0
  • TOR



  • 1 bot: 16 passwords at a time
  • 2 bots: 32 passwords at a time
  • 4 bots: 64 passwords at a time
  • 8 bots: 128 passwords at a time


  • 0: 8 bots
  • 1: 4 bots
  • 2: 2 bots
  • 3: 1 bot

Chill mode

This mode uses only 1 bot, or 16 passwords at a time.

Moderate mode 1

This mode uses 2 bots, or 32 passwords at a time.

Moderate mode 2

This mode uses 4 bots, or 64 passwords at a time.

Savage mode

This mode uses 8 bots, or 128 passwords at a time.
Only use this mode when you have to, proxies are limited so save some p**** for the rest of us

If you don’t specify a mode, then mode is set to 2



Download hack instagram account

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