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The 7 most Awesome open source projects of 2018

As a bundle of self-admitted tech addicts, there's nothing we cherish more than to dismember the most recent GitHub vaults looking for intriguing open source projects, and we're always flabbergasted at the sheer volume of new augmentations

Hack instagram Account – Instagram Bruter

Questions such as how to play an instagram account among Instagram users, how to hack an instagram, hack instagram account , etc. As a matter of fact, it is not as difficult as it is known, we compiled the account playback process in

C Programming Courses Series 1

What you will learn in this articleWhat is computer and programming?Necessary tools for writing the program and addresses you can supplyAlgorithm development and a simple example on ituse of the printf function and examples about it

SQL Server Error 9002 Error and Resolution

SQL Server ErrorThe SQL server log files are stored in the database. But when we try to do our shrink operation, it returns error 9002. So with a direct shrink operation, we can't resolve it.And what should we do about it?…

Instagram Follower & Like Bot – Open Source

İnstagram follower bot It's very important for the bot follower Instagram. The high number of followers in social media channels makes it possible for people to get more hits, to get higher ranks in search rankings, and to be popular in…

Open Source

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