What is Code::Blocks


Code:blocks is an open-source cross-platform IDE that allows us to develop coding in programming languages, especially in C and C++.
Code:blocks the IDE environment itself has been developed with C++.

Code::Blocks Compiler Characteristics

Multi-compiler support:
GNU GCC, MS Visual C++, Digital Mars, Borland C++ 5.5, OPENWATCOM, LLC, Intel C++, SDDC, tiny C, GDC D, GNU ARM, GNU ARV

Very fast custom assembly and binding (makefiles are not required). Support for concurrent compilation and linking (if any, by using other cores of the CPU).Multi-target project support.
Work with multiple projects using workspace.

Code:: Blocks Debugger

GNU gdb supports the GNU Debugger with all its features.(see).
MS CDB supports (not included with all features).
Full breakpoint support.
Local functions, symbols, and arguments that appear.
Disassembly support.
Custom memory dump.
CPU view.

Code::blocks interface (IDE, Editor) features

Customizable and expandable syntax highlighting (syntax highlighting))
Support for code folding in the authoring editor for C++ and XML.
Intermediate percent tab support.
Code completion.
Class browser.
For more information, see smart line import (Smart indent).
Many customizable tools.
To-do list management for different users.