WOW Fish Bot Open Source Project VB.NET


I started this project throughout my freshman year of college…many, a few years past. It’s been years since I’ve compete Wow and that i now not have the amounts of free time I accustomed. I’ve revised the code some times since, however I can’t fake it’s a shining example of anything; still, it remains a preferred project and that i hope somebody WHO enjoys the sport or enjoys the code can return on and acquire some price from this.

Coding summary

This is originaly written in VB.NET (I apprehend, I know….). it’s been currently ported in C#. you’ll get a free copy of Visual Studio categorical.

The general plan is that the larva works by ‘listening’ to the output from the sport (whereas most bots at the time were reading pixels and attempting to seek out the float, or reading the game’s memory (which suggests that change the offsets when every patch). This works with the CoreAudio DLL file — I didn’t write it and that i don’t believe it works with Windows XP.

The larva uses customary win32 API calls to maneuver the mouse and send keystrokes.
I’ve ne’er had any issues, however I’ve gotten reports from users expression it doesn’t work on their machine.

It starts by causing the ‘cast’ key, then moving the indicator consistently and victimization the GetCursorInfo api decision to find a amendment within the icon. we have a tendency to assume that amendment is that the fish float. Then it monitors the sound output (via CoreAudio) till there’s a amendment and that we assume that’s the splash of a fish.
Then the larva sends the press mouse event. Rinse. Repeat.

There square measure quite few ‘nice-to-haves’ I ne’er got around to doing….adding lures, up the scanning, ironing out the fireside home functionality… perhaps somebody can get an opportunity.

Thanks to everybody WHO supported the project and due to anyone reading this for your interest.

How To Download This Open Source Project


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