Game Development for Mobile Without Writing Code


The development of computer games is a long and laborious task. For this job, the writing of tens of thousands of lines of code, The programmers spend long hours of effort and usually develop a game
the platform needs to be used.

  • How to Make Mobile Game without Code

Although unity as a game development platform is widely used among game developers, Cocos2D, multimedia Fusion, game salad, game maker is also available in other game development platforms.

For example, the Multimedia fusion game development platform developed by click team, founded in Paris in 1993, is able to develop Interactive Software using a series of GUI tools.

With the slogan “game development has never been easier”, we can use Games developed using Multimedia Fusion on different platforms, not just on Windows platforms. To do this, we can easily convert the application developed using the build option in the program to platforms such as Android (apk), IOS, HTML5, flash, XNA.

Another feature of multimedia Fusion is the ability to develop games with Event-based streaming without writing code.

For example, a computer game called warcrime was developed using Multimedia Fusion in just 15 minutes and installed on the Android Market. You can download the WarCrime game for review at the Android Market. (The purpose of this very simple game is to shoot them by running away from 6 moving characters.)

  • Mobile Game Projects

There are many professional 2D games developed using multimedia fusion. For information about these games, you can watch YouTube videos (167 videos developed with multimedia fusion, or what can I do with multimedia fusion). Multimedia fusion can also be developed in 3D applications.

Version of multimedia fusion 2.5 software you can download it for free from the/ site. The developer version of the application is charged. You can also earn income through the application by adding Google AdMob to the games you have developed. Multimedia Fusion training videos)