Steps To Create A Database Programming

Database table

When creating a database, it passes through several phases. These steps can be listed as follows:

  • Conceptual modeling of a database;
  • Conceptual modeling (system analysis) ,
  • Creating an entity–relationship model,
  • Formation of relational model.
  • Logical installation of the database;
  • It is the conversion of conceptual models into vyts components
  • Physical installation of the database;
  • The programming phase of the database.

The system analysis phase, a very detailed description of all the components of the database is made. In other words, what is required in this system is examined in detail. This review is a text-based review that is not code-based.
Here are the opinions of the end user when determining the needs. In other words, what data will be kept in the system and what kind of operations will be done in the system will be prepared by asking the user who will personally.

  • Conceptual model versus physical model

physical model, keeping the data on the desired vtys on the computer, editing the records and determining the access methods, etc. doing things,
the conceptual model aims to present a general purpose model independent of vtys and constraints.
The conceptual model is not made on any system, but on paper or using a design software. That is, system analysis is performed and this is usually a verbal section. Detailed description of the problem is made.

  • Database Example

Let’s give an example of the conceptual model.

“it is desirable to model a database for use in H University Library. Books are classified according to their content in the library. Each book has a book number and a book name. As the books are classified according to their content, the shelf number is given. Library officers have their own user name and password. The library officer has the right to lend books, get book refunds, add and remove books.”
“Books borrowed from the library can be given to students, faculty members and other personnel. Books loaned to students if the student number, first name, Last name, faculty name and department information will be given to personnel if the staff number, first name, Last name, faculty name and department information will be given to other personnel if the personnel number, first name, Last name, and there is a need for his information. The lending period of the book is 15 days. For books that are not brought back in time, the personnel will be punished per day.”


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