Hopping Bird Android Open Source Project and Codes!

The bird would love to gather a lot of cherries. however there ar several hindrances; lock, toadstool, etc. Please facilitate the lovable bird by running and jumping.
The item is packed with AdMob guide. you’ll exchange the AdMob Publish ID and build cash just for you…

Some Descriptions

This item may be a java project on Eclipse. That project includes all resources of this game.
All the Image files and Sound files that enclosed, you’ll use them in your alternative comes.
This item includes one game apk file.
This item includes 2 PSD files used creating the resources of this game.
This item is incredibly simple to reskin to alternative you would like.


Supports Android two.1 onwards
Enable AdMob instantly
Uses cocos2d
3 level packs and one zero five levles
Free editable level
Supports .tmx file
Very funny