How to use Python UrlLib – Getting Html Source Codes with Python


What is Html Source Code?

The source code is an entire code in the creation of a software. The source code is included in each line of code that occurs in the software. Some of these codes consist of functions, while others consist of state codes, loops, and declarations. Sometimes, software can contain only one source code file and sometimes contain more than one source code file.

Source code is a very important code string that can be examined by other users or developers. For example, if a programmer creates a program and publishes it with source code, other developers can identify the problems of the program, add extra features to the program, and create different types of software by putting the program in different ways.Source codes are structures that can be understood by humans, unlike other types of codes. A user who is fluent in programming language can easily solve and interfere with the program’s algorithm, operational logic and operation when they examine the source code.

How to use Python UrlLib

In this article I will tell you how to access the source code of a website with the Python urllib Arctic.

First, we include the urllib Arctic in our Python script .

If the user wants to get the source code of a website, we will use the following code.

Type the site address in””

But I want to pull the source code of the site I want to say ;

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