Lets Get Variables in JavaScript

Variables are a core a part of JavaScript – actually, they’re a core a part of nearly any programming language. They allow you to retailer data, and are the idea of what makes JavaScript so highly effective. Study all about them on this article…

What’s a variable?

A variable is solely a spot to retailer one thing. In actual fact, you’ll be able to consider a variable like a cabinet. First, we have to create the cabinet to retailer stuff in. Subsequent, we’ll wish to put one thing within the cabinet. Then later, we’ll wish to retrieve the merchandise and use it. We’d additionally wish to change the merchandise with one other merchandise.

Time to see it in use! Let’s say we needed to alert the quantity 25. Usually, we’d do it like so:

However what about doing this utilizing a variable? Right here’s how:

Let’s check out what’s occurring here- to begin with, we’re creating (aka declaring) our variable known as x by saying var x. On this similar line, we’re additionally giving the variable an preliminary worth to retailer by saying = 25.

Now, after we run this code it should alert 25! It’s because x is now only a placeholder for the quantity 25. It is rather like should you have been enhancing a doc and needed to exchange all situations of the phrase “banana” – on this case, the browser goes by way of our code and replaces all situations of the variable x with 25.

PS: Observe alongside! Create a brand new file known as index.html and add the next code:

Now you can put your entire JavaScript contained in the <script> tag! ????

However why does any of this matter? Nicely, the true energy of variables is the truth that you’ll be able to change them. For instance:

As you’ll be able to see, setting a variable that had already been declared is so simple as saying x = 85. You don’t want the var bit, because it’s already declared.

Now, we are able to alert 85 with out even altering the road the place it says alert! This might sound bizarre now, however variables are one of many core elements of JavaScript and can come in useful extra as you write extra sophisticated code.

Varieties of variables

In JavaScript, there are totally different variable sorts. It’s because it must know what kind of knowledge we’re giving the variable, as a result of, properly, computer systems are dumber than you might be. Be aware that you’ll be able to change a variable to a special kind after it has been declared, it doesn’t want to remain the identical kind. Listed here are a number of the primary knowledge sorts in JavaScript:


A string is one other method of claiming some textual content. We’ve to encompass it in quotes as a result of in any other case it will be thought-about a variable. Right here is an instance:

It doesn’t matter you probably have single or double quotes:


Clearly, we are able to additionally set a variable to a quantity – like we did earlier than! It may be an entire quantity:

Or a decimal:


Booleans are merely true or false values:

This may increasingly sound quite simple, however they’ll come in useful when utilizing if statements – which allow you to execute bits of your code primarily based on whether or not statements equal true or false.


Yay! You now know all about variables! Let’s undergo what we’ve realized as we speak.

To begin with, we realized the way to declare, set and alter variables:

We additionally realized about a number of the primary sorts of knowledge:

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