Python Programming Errors


Programming Errors

it’s almost impossible to write a horse program. A programmer spends most of his time not writing the program but fixing bugs in his program. Hundreds of people spent millions of hours trying to find programming errors in Microsoft Vista.

Python programming errors how much we write the smallest program, even dozens of errors are likely to occur.

When you say “error example”, you can say : for example, you have made a calculator, and you know that if you enter data in the number of teeth, this is an error measure.

A programmer encounters three types of errors , typographical errors, run-time errors, and semantic errors. We can distinguish these three mistakes from each other.

  • Error-1 : Software Errors

The Python interpreter reads the typed code from start to finish and runs only programs that do not have a typographical error. Syntax refers to the structure of a program and its use in the creation of that structure. The writing of each programming language is different. For example, in Python, sentences are written in two quotes, and if one of the quotes is missing, the spelling error returns. While 1970 is true ( the integer value), the ‘1970 shape is incorrect. Because the sentence is started with quotes and is not closed with quotes.

If Python interpreter encounters a typographical error in your program, it stops running and tells you where it is a typographical error. Error reporting is in English.

  • Error-2 : Run-Time Errors

These errors are caused by the programmer’s inability to handle unexpected situations when running the program, rather than writing the code incorrectly. For example, you will write to the dir file in the program. The encoding for writing the file may have been written correctly. However, if you do not have the ability to write to the folder where the file will be written, you will not be able to write to the file. A good program can predict possible run-time errors. However, many run-time errors may be likely to occur.

  • Error-3 : Semantic Errors

Sometimes the programmer writes The code correctly, and the program runs without errors, but the program does another job in the desired job. For example, in mathematics we know that the result of 4+16/2 is 12. However, the program author wanted to do the first 4+16 process and then divide it into 2. So he should have written (4+16)/2. In this case, the result must be 10. The expected result is 12, while the expected result is 10. The program is working correctly, but does not do the desired job. It is very difficult to debug semantic because the program does not make any mistakes, so if your program is too long, you can spend a lot of time trying to find the error.

To avoid this type of error, our programming base and techniques must be good. Before a project starts, it should be written on a paper and the plan should be started by making the project. If possible errors or features that can be added in advance planning and even the design of the Visual issue previously made, such errors may be minimized. Детальная информация после процедуры банкротства физического лица у нас на сайте.