Python Source Projects for Beginners


Python Source Projects

In this article, I share python open source projects that can provide convenience for users who have just started Python programming language. If there is any problem about the open source projects I will give, please specify them as a comment. I will try to help you as much as I can and help you develop yourself in Python programming language.

  • Python Password Generator

The length and level values are obtained from the user. Characters that can be selected include letters, two-thirds numbers and special characters. Then these characters are randomly taken and rotated as long as the specified length.

Modules used: random, string

  • Python Haiku Generator

Words[0], words[1], and so on … I was just doing it. Then I called to see if there was any shorter, and I found out that when words did, the elements settled in the middle.

Modules used: random

  • Python Eight Magical Balls

He gives random answers like toys that randomly bring the answers in the liquid BI triangular prism in the ball.

Modules: random

  • Python Reverse Text

It reverses the text entered by the user and writes it to the screen.

  • Python Word Count in Text

The entered text is broken into spaces and is checked to see if each part is completely made up of punctuation marks. Appropriate words are counted and the result is written on the screen.

Modules used: string

  • Python Translating The Entered Number into Binary

The decimal number of the user enters into the binary system. In addition to the function we wrote, I added two other ways Python provided to us.

  • Python Factoring Accounting

The face (or “n”) calculates factoring.

  • Python Christmas Tree In Console

Draws a Christmas tree at the given height.

  • Python Sort Algorithm

Using the bubble sort algorithm, sorts the array from small to large.

  • Python Calculating The Writing Speed

The user is asked to enter a text, the first time the difference between the time after the writing is written to the screen in seconds. The user is said to have typed how many numbers per second.

Modules used: datetime


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