Python; Upload Video to Facebook with Youtube URL


You can upload direct video links to your Facebook profile and then watch them with the Facebook package. If you are looking for a way to upload your videos to YouTube, you can use this method to upload your videos directly from the link and then upload your videos to YouTube.

You can upload the direct video link to your Facebook profile using the Python script that I gave you after receiving access_token. You have 2 options for this, or

Upload Video to Facebook with Url – Python

1-qpython I created in Facebok.if you want to get a token at a time via the club application, I need to add you to the application, so let me know your Facebook ID.
Go to this link to get token

You will then be redirected to the forum home page, but token will appear in the address line
Your token.”.access_tocken=” with “&expires..”it is the code that remains between, you copy it and write it in quotes in the code that I gave you.

Two – you can access support&tools via graphapi by giving yourself “public_actions, user_videos, user_photos” permissions. This may also ask you to open an application, but you will have to do the same thing each time.

After receiving the token and recording the code, you will run the code and you will already receive the code for questions such as video description and title, then the video ID and “upload completed, 1-2 minutes later will be reflected in your profile.”when you receive notification that the installation has occurred, it will be reflected in your profile after you wait a while.

Note: there is a requirement to install facebook in 5 minutes. So the video should be installed in 5 minutes, but this does not mean that the length of the video will be 5 minutes. The Inter-Server upload speeds are much faster than ours, and 1GB of video can be uploaded in 1 min.


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