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What Is Kivy?

Kivy is a Python module that can be written to work on mobile devices. In other words, mobile GUI Toolkit (Mobile Graphical User Interface tool) can be called. With Python, the majority of people who want to develop mobile applications prefer Kivy. Programs you will write with kivy can work on almost any platform(cross platform).

Kivy works on Linux, Windows, OS X, Android and iOS. You can run the same code on all supported platforms. It is also used in industry(PLC control) Touch Panels.

Kivy is completely free and you can use it in your commercial projects. The car kit is advanced, very varied. The installation comes with more than 20 vehicles. (By vehicle : button, etc.)) At the same time, many kiwy developed with C therefore needs Cython.

As additional information ;

Although kivy is optimized for touch screens, applications developed can work comfortably on desktop computers. However, you will not be able to find many features in other GUI tools that are used on desktop computers.

Kivy is actually a structure built on pygame. All widgets (graphical components) are drawn with Pygame. The programs you write with kivy (in fact, you write the program in Python language) can be easily converted into Android packages with a Linux machine (or Linux running on a virtual machine). Since Python and other components are included in the packages brought in, it works without any other add-ons when the application package is installed.

Python How to install Kivy

As I mentioned in what is kivy, we need to install cython because some parts of kivy are written in C.

We also mentioned that we need to build a pygame because kivy components are drawn with pygame, so the graphical part is supported by pygame.

After you can start install kyiv

Kivy Sample Project

if you have a any issue please comment.

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