What Is PyCharm? How To Install?

What is PyCharm?

PyCharm is an integrated development environment developed by Jetbrains(IDE). Those who follow more or less the products of Jetbrains know they are masters of the IDE. I can say that people who use the Reshaner they created for Visual Studio are praised for the product. Similarly, the IntelliJ idea is one of the products I’ve heard so much about. Apart from these, the main products are: PhpStorm, Ruby, WebStorm, AppCode, etc.

To return to pycharm, the Community Edition(free) and Professional Edition(Free) are available from the site. A few features are not enabled in the free version, but it is still a very useful IDE. The mercenary version will be worth the money given after it has been tampered with a little bit. In terms of being more stimulating, we can compare the ilpycharm_logoe to Visual Studio(vs). Those who use vs know that vs is one of the fathers of IDEs. I can recommend Pycharm to Python programmers as someone who has used VB. Based on my six-month adventure of PyCharm, I have not yet encountered a situation where I said, “There is no Pycharmma”. It will be very comfortable to see what he can do by taking a little peek at his features.

If we write the main properties as articles:

  • Syntax highlighting and code compilation are very successful.
  • Auto-fix feature to correct automatic errors.
  • Refactoring is very useful.
  • With integrated Debugger, debug operations can be done very easily. It is very easy to follow the variables and the flow of the program. In addition, code that is installed on remote machines can be easily debugable by remote-debug.
  • It allows the deployment of prepared projects to remote machines or to a virtual machine installed on the same machine. A virtual machine is a computer that is connected to a network.
  • You can use the virtual machine Manager to create a new virtual machine. This allows the host to encode without pollution. In addition, they are not affected by each other because each project is on different virtual machines.
  • Thanks to the VCS feature, the existing project can be versioned integrated with github or other systems.
  • Thanks to the unit test support, testing can also be performed.
  • Console feature allows you to open a terminal on your own. This allows the use of DOS/terminal over IDE.
  • In addition, it can be connected from the same terminal to remote(remote) machines and to the virtual machines installed on the existing system. Python code is even coded interactively via this terminal.
  • Because the IDE structure is flexible, the view can optionally be set.
    Fonts, coloring, background, etc. for transactions, there are ready themes in it. Alternative themes are available for those who do not want to encode to the white background(dracula theme is recommended).
  • One of the most useful features is the underlined warning feature. These warnings check that the code conforms to the Python Coding standards set by Python developers. The developer is directed to correct the error by giving a warning when a situation that does not meet the standards. As you know, every language in the world has a standard, and professional developers meet a universal common denominator by coding according to these standards. These standards provide readability, clarity and order in the code. In short, the coding standard seems trivial(maybe even unheard of), but it’s actually one of the most important things.

How to Install PyCharm?

With Python Development Environment, Python web development can be integrated with code analysis, graphical Debugger, version control system (VCS), and Django.

The community version of pycharm is free, and the professional version is paid and advanced features.

How To Install PyCharm Community

You can install the community version by running the following commands at the terminal, respectively.

How To Install PyCharm Professional

You can install the Professional Edition by running the following command on the terminal.

If you want to remove pycharm from your computer, you can use the following code.

if you have a any issue please comment.

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