Working with Objects in Java

java programming

Creating New Objects

When one writes a program in Java, you have to define a set of classes which is used to create many objects. These are self-contained components of the program which are filled with required programs and features. Once a programmer is well acquainted with the knowledge of Java, they can define the objects of their choice as per the requirement of the application.

How Objects Are Constructed

There are different ways the objects can be created by using Java programming language. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Using new Keyword:This is the most common way to create an object in Java. In this method, any constructor can be called for our application.
  • Using New Instance: If we are aware of the name of the class and the public default constructor which is to be used when we use this new instance technique to create objects.
  • Using clone() method:In this type of method no constructor is required to create an object, The Java virtual machine will copy the object using the cloning method directly.

However, there exist other methods, but the above three methods are majority used in the day to day operations in the programming language.