5 Python Projects for Beginners


01 — Name Builder

Creates fake names by making random selections from the specified name and last name lists.
Modules used: random

02- Temperature Converter

According to the selection (½) the temperature value entered in degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa, the program turns.

03 — how many seconds have you lived?

Day from user.month.the date of birth in the year format is calculated and the difference of today is written to the screen in seconds.

Modules used: datetime

04-Simple Encryption / Analysis

The ascii code value of each character in the entered text is incremented (I) as much as the value received from the user. To solve the encrypted text is also reduced to the opposite.

05 — FizzBuzz

The value from the user prints the number itself for the three-fold in an array of length, “Fizz” for the five-fold, “buzz” for the five-fold, “fizzbuzz” for both five-folds, and “fizbuzz” for the three-fold, if not all.

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