Java-A Pioneer of Programming languages


Java-A Pioneer of Programming languages

Java programming language is originated from Sun Microsystems back in 1995. It is one of
the widely used programming languages in the world. It is a general-purpose programming
language which can be used by any developer to create his own applications. Java is one of
the object-oriented programming languages like the earlier languages. In fact, most of the
syntax is same as that of C++. Hence, if you are acquainted with C++ it would be easy for
you to learn Java. It has a powerful library with many applications an in-built syntax and
inbuilt set of many supportive platforms

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As the name indicates, Object Oriented program means the creation of different classes and
methods and programming the same. A class consists of a collection of the data and various
methods that operate the data. These data and methods together will decide the nature of the
object. Java uses automatic garbage collection i.e. whenever newer objects are created, the
memory is automatically allocated for them.One of the greatest features of the Java
programming language is that the platform is independent thus making it run on any kind of
systems like Mac or Intel of AMD etc. Hence, the language is considered a pioneer of the
languages across the world.

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