How to make a Twitter Bot with Python 3.5.0

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Python Twitter Bot

Necessary program modules and

  • Python 3.5.0
  • Tweepy Module
  • Time module

# I’m using pycharm so I’ll tell you about pycharm
You can download the Modul you want from there by entering the project settings in the Settings section
What we need is how to put your Twitter account into this program, first of all, login to the site to add programs there are consumer keyular access tokens located in the code

Write your keys to this region

Warning: you cannot receive keys unless you have added a phone number.

This program follows the followers in someone else’s account.

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This program follows the followings in someone else’s account.

type in here without the ‘@’ sign, if you want to keep track of who is at the end of the code.

It is a very simple program that will follow you as you work automatically.

Twitter Bot Codes