Twitter API Python – Twython module

Twitter api usage with python

twitter api python

Twitter API Python

With Python, we will see how to create sample applications using the Twitter API. For this, we need to create an application on Twitter first. you can create an application from the address. Once you have created the application, you will see a window like this.

twitter api python
twitter api python

Here consumer key, Consumer secret, access token, access token Secret values we will need. If you do not have values, create your access token by clicking on the Create my access token button under your access token title. We will use the Twython module to use the Twitter API. If twython is not installed on your computer, you can install it by typing the following commands at the terminal.

How to Install Twitter API Python

In order to use the Twitter API, we have to make the following definitions:

thanks to the twython Module, we are connected to Twitter. You must have your own values. Now if you want to first

let’s tweet using the function. We add the following line to the above codes.

We tweeted successfuly.

Note: if the application you created on the twitterda does not have write permission, you will encounter the error. By default, only read permission is granted when the first application is created.
A large number of followers of a user followed by the number of people we can reach when you take the tweet such as the number of values.

We can do this in another user by giving us the user name.

Now we want a new one by pulling the last tweets of a user. let’s make a simple application to transfer to the HTML page.

The screen_name=’_true_false’ parameter specifies the name of the user whose tweets are to be taken. You can also run the program in your current directory where the last tweets are located tweets.the HTML file will be created.
More information you can find it on the page.