Python Application and Metaprogramming

pyhton programming

What is Python used for?

One of the basic use of Python is for scripting and the automation of the language that is
incorporated in it. The programming language is not just a replacement for the batch files but
also it helps in automation of the instructions with browsers as well as many GUI apps. Some
of the key areas where Python is used is discussed below.

General application programming.

Python is used to create some of the general applications which include the GUI applications
as well as the CLI applications. The language doesn’t have the ability to create binary code
from a script code. However, these tasks can be accomplished by use of the third-party

Data Science and Machine Learning:

Some of the data analysis is done with the help of Python as it has become one of the fastest
growing area in the scope of the Information Technology sector. Python has some of the vast
varieties of libraries that are available in the proper high-level language which is used for
development of new libraries or algorithms.


As it is well-known fact that everything that is incorporated in Python is in the form of an
object. Hence it allows the user to efficiently generate the code required and wrote
applications or codes of his own –in as many languages as per the requirement.

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