Server Project for World of Warcraft

CypherCore is an open source server venture for World of Warcraft written in C#.

Bolstered diversion variant:


  • Visual Studio 2017 with netcore 2.0 Download
  • Mysql Database 5.6 or higher Download

Server Setup

  • Download and Complie the Extractor Download
  • Run all extractors in the wow directory
  • Copy all created folders into server directory (ex: C:CypherCoreData)
  • Make sure Conf files are updated and point the the correct folders and sql user and databases

Installing the database

  • Download the full Trinity Core database (TDB 735.00) Download
  • Extract the sql files into the core sql folder (ex: C:CypherCoresql)


  • Must use Arctium WoW Client Launcher Download
  • Must start the launch with the argument –custom (make a shortcut and edit shortcut and add argument to target ex: Arctium WoW Client Launcher.exe” –custom)