What is C# ? – Learn C# Programming Language


Introduction To C # Programming Language

It is possible to hear new things every day in the Software Industry starting from the 1950s to today. Because mankind has been inclined to produce products that will facilitate their work throughout history. Programming is 20. and 21. it has been used in the 21st century to produce products that make people’s lives easier.

Many programming languages have been developed to date. They are used in different areas according to the platforms to be used or according to the language structure. Two programming languages are very important for humanity, especially in the field of objective programming among all languages. The first of these languages is Java, which can be run as a common platform .C# (CSharp) is a programming language with a programming structure that can be programmed and easy on the common platform with all languages, integrated with the Net Library.

This article is designed to provide all the technical details about C# programming language. If you want to use the C# language, you can use the C# language. In this article, you will learn how to use C#. What does it do? I’il answer your question. What can be done with C# next? I will explain what kind of applications can be written in C# language. In C#, it is possible to create a new base class.

What Is C#?

C# is derived from the interaction of C and c++, the two most commonly used software languages in the Software Industry. In addition, C# is similar in many ways to Java, a portable language for common platforms . The biggest feature is .The .NET Framework is a fully object-oriented software language that is designed for the .NET Framework platform. In other words, objects are written in predefined classes. The programmer only has to drag that object and then write the lines of code that will execute the object for purpose.

In C#, C++ and Visual Basic, although it is a language developed to remove inconsistencies in the languages developed by Microsoft, it has managed to be one of the most advanced programming languages in object oriented languages.

It also eliminates the possibility of errors with the enhanced debugger. After the program is run, the compiler-detected Class and syntax errors are shown to the programmer in detail on a separate screen, and the programmer can easily fix them by detecting errors from this window.

In addition, because it is a language used by many programmers, it is very easy to get help from expert programmers at the points we hang out with.

What is the .NET Framework?

C# and .The .NET Framework is perceived by some people as a single concept. But these two concepts have been developed for completely different purposes from each other. C# is an object-oriented programming language .The .NET Framework is a run-time environment developed for C#. In fact, the C# language is by Microsoft .It is designed to develop code for the .NET platform and all libraries in C#.Libraries defined in the net platform.

Before Java, developed software was converted to machine code. Java translates program code into the byte number system first. Java Virtual Machine (JVM — Java virtual machine) then converts these codes to the code requested by the operating system and allows the program to run.

The .NET platform also follows a working logic similar to the Java language and makes the code executable.

The code on the .NET platform is first converted into a file called the Microsoft Intermediate Language (Microsoft Intermediate Language), which converts the compiled code into an assembly language that Microsoft has become standard. This intermediate language also runs system MSIL codes called CLR when you are prompted to run the stored files.


The basic task of the common language runtime system is to make the C# language portable and to work with other languages safely. CLR, .JIT (Just In time ) activates the compiler when it runs code belonging to the net platform. The JIT compiler, which becomes active, runs the MSIL code based on the native code structure and provides a common platform structure.

What can be done with C#

In this section, you will be given simple tips and introduction to developing a project with C#. I tried to explain below what kind of applications we can develop using Visual C#.

(Console Applications)

Rather than graphical user interface, the command line window is the name given by the programmer to the application. Console applications have been used as an interface when object – oriented programming, which is expressed as MS-DOS, was not widespread. This application model can be used to create a simple interface for applications that do not require the user to interact.


Windows Form Applications (Ado.Net)

Graphical user interface (GUI) is defined as a graphical user interface. This is the most important feature that distinguishes Windows Form applications from console applications. To create a Windows Form application, the Toolbox can be created easily by using the drag-and-drop method of the Toolbox.


Windows Forms applications are used to develop computer programs. Windows Forms application with the option to open a new Windows application window can start to develop the program. In addition, it is possible to perform graphically more advanced studies in Windows Form application. For more powerful graphical interfaces you need to develop applications with WPF.

Used to establish Database Connectivity for Windows Form applications .Net Library name Ado.Net as defined. Those who want to work on this topic on the internet Ado.Net they need to make a call.

Web Form Application Asp.Net

Web form applications Ado.Net instead of ASP.Net it works with the page structure. Web form applications can be considered as Windows Form applications. But there are fundamental differences between them. Web form applications are form applications that can be accessed via the Internet. Therefore, applications work with a web browser instead of a personal computer.


ASP.Net in a Web application created using one or more of the following: ASP.Net it could be a page. Web Forms .Html pages with custom tags in the Net Library. Extension of web forms.ASPX is handled. In addition, the web in each Web Form application.there is a configuration file specified with Config. This file is in XML format and contains information about related tasks, such as Web application security, cache management, and so on.

Mobile Programming

This is the application development section for Windows Phone operating systems. If you want to develop applications for Windows Phone, you need to use this part. If you want to start mobile programming, you can look at the Windows Phone app development I have prepared earlier.

Web Services

The Data Link Layer is used to transfer data from one computer to another. If I open a little more, the universal data transer method is called XML and http rules with the Internet network to any part of the world with the data carrying systems. Because data is sent to another user in Web service operations, security and addressing issues are very important. Microsoft does a lot of things that make the use of web services secure in C#. With Web Services, I plan to write a wider range of articles in the future.

Building a DLL

What is a DLL first? I will inform those who ask about the DLL. And then I’il explain the DLL. DLL: acronym for Dynamic Link Library. that is, it is the structure we use to create dynamic libraries. If you are using a structure in C#, for example, you will have to write the same code in both the code page and the code page. Here you can write a DLL to eliminate these two problems. After the DLL is written, we run the corresponding code by calling the post DLL instead of typing the same code repeatedly on the Application page.

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