What is IDE? – Integrated Development Environment

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It is a software package that includes all of the tools that enable IDE computer programmers to quickly and easily develop programs, organize the development process, and contribute to the efficient use of the development process.

  • The most basic features that must be in integrated development environments are as follows

  • Code writing editor that can color syntax according to programming language.
  • A real-time string for hierarchical viewing of code files.
  • An integrated compiler, interpreter, and Debugger.
  • Small built-in tools to compile, connect, fully operational, and automate many additional tasks.

Most well-known integrated development environments:

  • Eclipse
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • code::Blocks
  • dev-C++
  • Anjuta
  • KDevelop
  • NetBeans

You can run codes developed in different languages online without the above programs on your computer. All you have to do is go to the following online IDE site, decide which language to write code and write the code, and then click the Green Run button on the right side of the site. Error in the code you type yakso will work by compiling your code directly on that site.

Online IDE: https://ideone.com/